Leading manufacturer of aluminum profiles with over 5 years of experience in the extrusion of profiles for the commercial and residential construction industries.


Sourcing the best raw materials guarantees the production of top quality profiles.


We are a professional and interdisciplinary team focused on helping you achieve your projects.


Specialized in the design, development and production of industrial aluminum profiles.

We are specialists in the extrusion of aluminum for industrial profiles.

Aluminum Profiles

Quality and design in exclusive industrial profiles in all its forms as well as our carpentry lines.

perfiles de aluminio
lacado y pintura de aluminio

Paint & Powder Coated

We have in our plant an automated electrostatic painting or powder coating equipment to create a more resistant hard finish than conventional painting. With our high application efficiency we can offer varieties of colors.


Electrochemical processes that create a thick layer of natural oxide and this achieves complete protection against corrosion, resistance to abrasion, isolation to electricity and an aesthetic improvement in the finish.

anodizado de perfiles de aluminio
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